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Tonight I had the privilege of being a host on Dr. Veronica’s blog talk radio show, Wellness for the Whole World.  Dr. Vernonica and I have something in common.  We have both been introduced to media enrichment by going to Steve Harrison’s Publicity Summit.  She has gone much farther than I have in reaching people, but someday I will be there too.  Especially as all of you who read my blog pass the information on to friends.  Someday I’m going to be famous.  I’m already infamous as the “Felon for Healthcare” and current charges of being Southwest Viriginia’s Drug Lord for calling in a doctor’s legitimate prescriptions.  But you know all that already, and I want to share the topic that Dr. Veronica and I talked about.  SEX!!!  And How to Make it Better!!!! 

Basically there is too much to put in one blog post, so I will break it down into several.  In the end, I will share with you the wonderful remedy that I’ve used and my patients have used for improving sex drive.  As I tell my patients, “The mailman never looked so good!”  But anyway, first we need to understand why sex drives are so low in women.  Here is the basis of my talk with Dr. Veronica:

Anxiety and acidity

Since the beginning of mammalian existence, hormones have played an important part of survival.  One of the key components in survival is the “fight or flight” response.  This response alerts one of danger and prepares the body for escape.  Does sex have a role here? No.  You would not see a caveman on a rocky cliff facing a saber-toothed tiger suddenly have an erection.  And if he were in the middle of lovemaking when the danger appeared, any erection would suddenly disappear.  So adrenal stimulation decreases sexual response.  And today we have adrenal stimulation almost continuously, from the ringing of the alarm clock in the morning to the sports contests in the evening. We even promote anxiety with the foods we eat, heavy in sugar and caffeine. Sugar and caffeine are primary acidifiers of the body. Other acidifiers are grains, fats, red meats, alcohol and dairy, all primary agents in the standard American diet.  With acidification of the body, there is continuous anxiety.  The body is literally destroying itself with acid and can’t get away from it.  This sets up a continuous internal anxiety that creates a continuous fight or flight response, ergo decreased libido. The body can’t distinguish real physical danger to survival from the innocuous caused by adrenal stimulation. But the reaction is the same–no SEX, please!!

Secondly, the raw ingredients for hormones are lacking.

Sex hormones are composed of a cholesterol skeleton.  In order to make hormones, there must be cholesterol in the body.  Due to the erroneous blaming of cholesterol in the last century for the development of heart disease, conventional medicine has made it imperative that people decrease the cholesterol in their body.  Instead of being a bad guy, cholesterol is actually a good guy.  The reason why cholesterol is laid down in arteries is to protect the artery against the acidity.  This is why, in spite of our lowering cholesterol in the body to unnatural levels, heart disease is still not controlled, and is actually worse.

So instead of limiting our cholesterol, we should be controlling our acidity with diet.  That would leave cholesterol for the formation of hormones.  Proper balance of hormones in the body is one of the components of a healthy libido.

Hormones work on a feedback mechanism.  Another problem with female hormones is the use of synthetic hormones in the form of birth control and estrogen replacement therapy during menopause.  For years it would have been considered malpractice for a doctor to not put menopausal women on ERT, until the Nurse Study became public.  Then we found out that ERT created more risk for heart disease and cancer than it did benefit.  Artificial hormones such as Premarin, Provera, and the hormones in oral contraceptives all create the feedback on the pituitary so that natural hormone production is curtailed.  However, these synthetic hormones do not act in the body like our own hormones. Ergo, libido is again reduced.

So What’s a Body to Do?

In order to increase female libido the right way, you must allow the body to do what it is designed to do, unencumbered. There is no magic pill or potion to undo the damage of conventional medical ignorance.  You simply can’t keep poisoning your body and expect it to perform.  Now at the end of this article, I will introduce you to an almost magical libido enhancer.  But if you don’t change your lifestyle and allow your body to return to the natural health it is entitled to, the product I will tell you about could only have partial effect, and you could still end up short of your full potential.

So here are the steps a woman should take to increase her libido and enjoyment of sex.

1.  Decrease anxiety.  Eliminate sugar and caffeine from the diet, or at least make them only a special treat once in a while.  Limit stresses.  Eat regularly.  Maintain the same schedule every day.  Try to wake up naturally without an alarm clock.  That means getting the right amount of sleep every night, going to bed at a decent hour.  Watching news or crime shows on TV is unhealthful and increases anxiety. Exercise regularly.  Wake up every morning with joy and look forward to the day.  Do daily devotions.

2.  Tapping. There is a wonderful treatment for the emotions called tapping.  When we don’t achieve our sexual desires, we can develop depression, anxiety, and railroad future performance.  Tapping, or EFT, can help the person get things back on track emotionally.  Tapping is explained in books or on the Internet.  It is useful for almost anything, and everyone should use it.

3.  Alkaline Diet.  Treat acidity in the body by adhering to the alkaline diet.  Eat primarily fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugar, breads, dairy, red meats, fats, and alcohol.  Check your salivary and urinary pH.  Try to maintain a salivary pH of 7 or slightly higher.  Urinary pH will vary as a reflection of the acids being removed from the body, but should never be higher than the salivary pH or there is an indication of renal insufficiency.  Usually 1 point lower is standard.

4.  Do not take cholesterol medication.  Since cholesterol is not the enemy, you need to focus on what really is important to the body’s health–its acidic overload. By following the alkaline diet, excess cholesterol is not produced, arteries do not have to be protected, and the cholesterol your body produces can be used to make hormones.

5.  Take supplemental vitamin D and get your vitamin D levels checked.  Even though America is a sun-worshiping country, we don’t get regular daily exposure to the sun for natural formation of Vitamin D.  Fifteen minutes per day of sun exposure would be enough, and if you could walk daily for exercise and sun exposure, great.  If not, take supplements. Especially people on cholesterol medicine are deficient in Vitamin D.

6.  Stay away from synthetic hormones. This topic will be continued in tomorrow’s blog along with treatments.


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