When I’m wrong, I admit it

Well, folks, I made a mistake in an earlier post.  I said that the action of the government freezing my office building would help me with the bank calling in my note.  Wrong.  Instead now, they are going after my sister and brother-in-law who helped me back in 2000 with my original mortgage.  We had thought they had been removed from the mortgage, but StellarOne states they didn’t.  I wouldn’t have taken the interest-only note a year ago if I knew they were just doing that so they could end my original mortgage and now demand the remainder owed.  As Jay Johnson said last year, “The last thing the bank wants is to own a building.”  So they give me a change in my payments only to claim the original mortgage is ended.  They didn’t do that in 2008, but I guess they can now. Shoot, as far as I know in finances, they could have ended the note anyway.  I’m not up on all the ins and outs of the financial world, but I’m sure the banks are.  Otherwise this country wouldn’t be in the financial fix that it is in.  But that’s the subject for another post someday.

The lesson for others to learn here? Mr. Johnson also told me last year that most people just let things slide, ignoring the letters from the bank, etc.  He said he appreciated me coming forward and working things out.  Bull.  I guess the other people had more experience than me, and knew that working things out is not what the bank considers good business. Getting their money however they can is what they are interested in.

If anyone reading this post has $200,000 they would like to make 5% interest on and would loan it to me (I’m good for it, I promise, over time), please drop me a line.  Also, please pray for all of us.  I don’t mind standing up for principle, even at the cost of imprisonment.  But when other people have to suffer too because of my principles, I hurt deeply.


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