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There is a current trial going on in California.  Dr. Lisa Tseng is on trial for murder because of three patients dying, supposedly from her prescribing. I would like to use this case to demonstrate what is so wrong with our legal system in the area of doctor witchhunts and also why I am being so vocal about my situation.

First, she was charged with three counts of murder. Besides the murder charges, Dr. Tseng faces one felony count of prescribing drugs using fraud and 20 felony counts of prescribing drugs without a legitimate medical purpose.  Based on these facts alone, I hypothesize that Dr. Tseng was actually not a bad physician.  Murder is very hard to prove.  The fact that the government had to use that as their main charge and there are only 21 others involving the usual charge of prescribing without legitimate medical purpose would show that the government was not able to find much wrong with her care.  Just as in my case in 2008, the dirth of accusations of prescribing without a justifiable medical purpose actually shows good management.  The average person doesn’t realize how easy the government throws that charge around.  In the courtroom, prescribing without justifiable medical purpose only means that the US Attorney thinks they can make a jury think that way.  It has absolutely no connection with reality or if there really was a medical problem.  But it sounds so ominous to the average person.  “WHAT?” They ask. “She would write a prescription without a medical reason? How bad is that?” Little do they know it is a complete brainwash.  Mix that with the comments from the US Attorney that “She did it for the money.” makes her look really bad.  Usually in cases against doctors the charges of prescribing without justifiable medical purpose mount into the hundreds.  So for there to only be 20 in Dr. Tseng’s case is actually to her credit.

Secondly, in the case of one of the deaths, Dr. Tseng actually decreased the prescriptions being given–prescriptions for Oxycontin and Xanax.  The government is claiming that Dr. Tseng tapered too abruptly, causing withdrawal, possible seizure (from the Xanax. Opiate withdrawal doesn’t cause seizure) and death.  So that shows that Dr. Tseng is not going to just be filling a patient’s order of “I’ll take 300 OC’s and 120 XX’s please.” with a “Here you go, see you next month.” The information doesn’t say when the last scripts were filled by the patient.  In some cases so much time has elapsed since the last script that if you gave them what they had on record, it could be an overdose.  And just because a patient is on a high amount of opiates doesn’t automatically make him a drug abuser.  Some people have been on medications for years.  The levels of toxicity in the body can make more medications required for the same effect.  That is seen in all medications from anti-depressants to PPIs (like Nexium).  How do people think it shouldn’t happen to pain meds?  Fibromyalgia is the best example of what toxicity does.  For those patients, extremely high dosages of almost all medications are required to get an effect.

Now, in response to charging a doctor for reducing a dose and causing withdrawal, I honestly don’t understand how US Attorney’s offices can do that with a straight face.  All over the country pain practices are being shut down in a matter of minutes.  Thousands of patients are suddenly cut off from all of their controlled drugs, including Xanax.  People are dying every day from this exact cause, and it is the government at the helm of the death squads, not doctors.  Why aren’t they having to answer for their murders?  Because the government is untouchable.  They have created the laws to put themselves out of reach from those they have wronged.  That includes the doctors like me and possibly Dr. Tseng.  We can never be compensated for the damage done to us and our loved ones physically, emotionally, financially and sometimes spiritually.  One of the things that needs to change in this country is if the government fails to show just cause for their attack on a doctor, the doctor should have legal recourse and be compensated. Especially when the charges are completely fabricated by the government, as in my case. So should the families of patients that have died at the hand of government attacks on doctors’ practices. In my practice eight people that I know of have died at the hand of government attack in 6 months, and there are probably more I don’t know about.  It doesn’t matter if it was overdose from self-medication or heart attack from the stress of untreated pain or suicide.  The government should be held accountable.

Another charge against Dr. Tseng is that she has prescribed 27,000 prescriptions in 3 years, or 25/day.  Actually, that’s not very many considering she prescribed opiates, anti-anxiety meds and muscle relaxants.  That would be 3/patient.  So that allows for 8 patients/day.  I’m sure the numbers they will come up with in my trial will be even higher, simply because most of the patients treated by the doctor in my practice were pain patients, and we took care of more than eight/day. I truly believe that the only problem with Dr. Tseng prescribing was that she was an internist and probably independent.  The government doesn’t want primary care physicians treating pain.  That’s because there is a health trap in America. Doctors are primarily owned by hospitals.  Insurance companies, doctors, Big Pharma and the government want you to spend your money on healthcare–the businesses because they make money, and the government because by doing so, you will stay sick and die young–saving them from SSI and disability payments. We could save 50% of our health care costs in this country if people would stop going to hospital owned doctors and go to independents like myself.  We are in business to make our patients healthy and well, not to make our hospital bosses money. In this area of SW Virginia, most of the doctors that have been attacked have been independents like myself. The hospital-owned pain management groups manage to stay clear of government attacks.  Surprised?

Lastly, if you Google Lisa Tseng, all you see is bad.  All the press is bad–what they are told by the government, disgruntled patients, or family of the deceased patients.  Dr. Tseng, following her lawyer’s orders, says nothing.  The only response coming from her lawyer is:  “Dr. Tseng cares deeply about all her patients and looks forward to her opportunity to vindicate herself in court.” How can that offset public opinion with all the government propaganda spread by the media?  After all, the papers have to print something. That’s one of the problems with trials today.  Only the government position is publicized.  And the information that the public is fed by the government is wrong.  That pills cause addiction.  The term “pill mill” to label a doctor’s practice. I do not intend to let that be my story. I will be trying to educate the public as to the truth. I will welcome press interviews, TV appearances.  After all, the people deserve the truth. Opiates don’t cause addiction in and of themselves. I know the cause of addiction, can treat it and prevent it, and the government knows it. That’s one of the reasons they are persecuting me. Obviously with the job the government has done to brainwash us to think that the prescription is the problem and therefore the doctor causes addiction, no doctor has a chance.  I might not be able to teach enough people the truth to save myself, but hopefully over time the people will begin to see the truth, and eventually the government will stop putting good doctors in prison simply because they can.


Well, folks, I made a mistake in an earlier post.  I said that the action of the government freezing my office building would help me with the bank calling in my note.  Wrong.  Instead now, they are going after my sister and brother-in-law who helped me back in 2000 with my original mortgage.  We had thought they had been removed from the mortgage, but StellarOne states they didn’t.  I wouldn’t have taken the interest-only note a year ago if I knew they were just doing that so they could end my original mortgage and now demand the remainder owed.  As Jay Johnson said last year, “The last thing the bank wants is to own a building.”  So they give me a change in my payments only to claim the original mortgage is ended.  They didn’t do that in 2008, but I guess they can now. Shoot, as far as I know in finances, they could have ended the note anyway.  I’m not up on all the ins and outs of the financial world, but I’m sure the banks are.  Otherwise this country wouldn’t be in the financial fix that it is in.  But that’s the subject for another post someday.

The lesson for others to learn here? Mr. Johnson also told me last year that most people just let things slide, ignoring the letters from the bank, etc.  He said he appreciated me coming forward and working things out.  Bull.  I guess the other people had more experience than me, and knew that working things out is not what the bank considers good business. Getting their money however they can is what they are interested in.

If anyone reading this post has $200,000 they would like to make 5% interest on and would loan it to me (I’m good for it, I promise, over time), please drop me a line.  Also, please pray for all of us.  I don’t mind standing up for principle, even at the cost of imprisonment.  But when other people have to suffer too because of my principles, I hurt deeply.

There is so much to report and so much to say to show people how God is working through all this.  I hope I will cover it all through my posts.  But today I want to show how God can turn bad to good for those who believe.

In 1999 I decided to build an office building for complementary medicine and have several different physicians working together.  It never did make it.  I wasn’t welcomed by my physician colleagues in the area for several reasons-my sex, my love for healing instead of keeping people sick and dependent on me, and just the “good ol’ boy” system in the community.  As most of the people in the community were on government insurance, they weren’t really interested in spending what little money they had on healing remedies when pills cost only $1. But at the time I was looking at the world through rose-colored glasses.

I considered it God’s annointing of my plan when He led me to Sam Tollison, founder and president of First National Bank of Christiansburg. He had a building designed next to the branch of his bank in Dublin, just 5 miles from my home.  He decided to sell me the plans for the building instead of renting to me.  I designed the interior for what I wanted, and built the building.  I had an occasional renter–a naturopath, 2 massage therapists, but their stay wasn’t long because of the lack of interest in the area.  So my medical office ended up using the entire building and I ended up with the full mortgage.  This limited my income, but I considered the future of the building would be my retirement, so I didn’t mind.

Ten years later, I still owe $200,000 on the building.  Sam Tollison retired from First National Bank and it was merged with StellarOne.  Now the commercial nature of the bank took over.  Sam had been a fantastic boon for the economy of the average businessman in the area.  He was a handshake kind of guy.  Many times he took a risk on someone coming to him for a loan.  But more times than not, his trust was well-founded, and the businesses he supported with loans did well.  I became associated with First National Bank when Sam gave me the loan I needed on my building. 

When I lost my license to practice medicine last July I went to StellarOne and asked them to repeat a favor that they had done for me once before.  When I lost my license in 2008 for 9 months, the bank allowed me to pay them interest only during that time.  Then when I got my license back, we returned to the regular loan where we left off.  I asked for that again.  Jay Johnson, representing the bank, said no problem.  They would help me out.  However, when it came time to sign the agreement, this time things were different.  The differences weren’t made known to me until January of 2012.  First, the note was only for 6 months.  Jay explained at first that they would renew it in 6 months.  Having 2 potential new sources of income, making my building a permanent yard sale building and a MLM business I was working, I thought I would even be making money again in 6 months, so I had no problem with that.  But in 6 months, the yard sale business hadn’t gotten off the ground and the MLM business was still not making that much.

When the 2nd note was presented to me, I didn’t catch the announcement that I had to find another bank to finance my loan by July 1.  In other words, StellarOne was not going to continue my original loan like they had done before.  The first time we had done this, I had not forfeited my first note with the interest only change.  But this time they were letting me know they didn’t want my business anymore.   Now how, in this economy, is a person without a job going to find a bank to finance a $200,000 loan?  Jay Johnson also turned the responsibility over to Mary Tabor, a loan officer in the bank.  I approached other banks and very quickly found out that there was no way I was going to get a loan.  So, in actuality, StellarOne took my money for a year, knowing full well that at the end of that year they would also be foreclosing on my property. I consider that to be unethical at best.

Last week I communicated with Mary that I was scheduling appointments with realtors to put the property on the market.  She then informed me that the US Attorney’s office had filed a Protective Order against the property so that nothing could be done with it, including selling it.  However, according to the protective order, I was still supposed to maintain my mortgage payments.  What did StellarOne do with this information?  They froze my personal bank account.  I do not believe that was part of the Protective Order, only the loan on the building.  But Mary said the bank was acting on “the advice of their attorney”. Hopefully that will get straightened out this week and I will be able to pay my bills.  Since the money I’ve been using to pay my bills has been through non-medically related businesses and loans, there should be no link with my personal account and the court case.

Here is where I see the power of God.  Had the bank done what they should have done, which was revert back to my original loan prior to the agreement to pay interest only, I would have a $2400 mortgage payment starting July 1.  But because they basically ended that note with the one they produced in January, and which states that the loan ends July 1, then there is no mortgage payment owed after June 1, my last payment on the existing note.  Since the government has a protective order on the building, basically saying that if I owe the court money at the end of my trial, they will confiscate my property to cover my debt, StellarOne can’t forclose on me.  God has bought me time.  Hopefully by the time I am found not guilty in court, I will be working again as a physician and will be able to find someone to loan me the $200,000 to pay StellarOne off. At least I should be given time by the court to sell the building, since I can’t do it now. 

So, at first the freezing of my finances seemed to be just one more stress to live with.  But upon reflection, I can see God protecting me.  I know He will continue throughout this process to take care of me. And I know I will be able to pay my bills.  He has provided for me thus far, and I know he will continue.  

Matthew 10: 26-30

26 “So do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, or hidden that will not be made known. 27 What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. 28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.[b] 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.