More babies born dependent on opiates

The news throughout the world today is the increase in the number of babies being born to opiate-dependent mothers and how they are having to be withdrawn.  Many of these articles use the term “addicted” in reference to the baby.  This just goes to show the misinformation being passed on.  Addiction is when the person will do something against their own best interest to get the drug.  I don’t think a newborn is capable of doing that, unless they can voluntarily stop eating, drinking or pooping.  But I’ll try not to belabor the definition issue.  Basically, the babies are dependent on the drugs, and once they are born, they do go into withdrawal.  That is the nature of dependency, and it isn’t pleasant.  I wouldn’t want to put any baby through that.  That is why, in my practice, I refused to start a reproductive age woman (or man for that matter) on opiates long term.  But in spite of that fact, I’m the one out of practice awaiting drug charges, while other doctors that don’t know the dangers of opiates on the unborn continue to keep young people on them, increasing the possibility of future generations becoming drug abusing.

I see two problems with this scenario.  First, let’s look at the babies born dependent going through withdrawal.  The articles I’ve read talk about the hospitals giving these babies opiates, such as methadone.  Stupidity of conventional medicine.  Feed the problem with the cause of the problem.  They don’t have any other knowledge than pharmaceuticals when there is so much more that could be done alternatively to cleanse the body of the drugs and help with withdrawal.  Auricular therapy.  Glutathione.  Vitamin C. 

Second, putting young reproductive age people on opiates or any other potential drug of abuse can cause drug abuse of that drug in their offspring.  This is because any long-term exposure to any substance can change the genes of the person, and those genes passed on will cause the offspring to grow up with the desire or inclination to want that drug. 

Knowing this, I refused to put young people on drugs if there was a chance of them getting pregnant.  Lucky for them, I had other methods of treating the pain, even to the point of healing.  But there will probably not be another chance for me to help these people because of the fact that I am always targeted by the government.  So this is just one more way that the government is causing more drug abuse than they are preventing.  Hopefully good will come out of the situation, though, as I write books and articles and reach more people. 


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