Teenage Drug Abuse


Here is a link to an article about the possibility of teenage drug use being the cause of future drug abuse as an adult. 

The cause of drug abuse is anxiety, toxicity and living conditions.  Children are becoming more and more toxic due to diet and lifestyle.  Acidity causes overall anxiety.  It’s no wonder kids are becoming drug users.  But the biggest concern is what they are doing to their future children.  What conventional doctors don’t know that those of us in alternative medicine do is that what we expose our bodies to changes our genes.  A study in Sweden has shown that.  Time magazine did an article about the formation of epimeres on genes because of environmental exposure.  So by using drugs as a teen, it is possible these kids are putting epimeres on their genes that will cause their unborn children to want drugs.  The reason the kids today want drugs might be due to their parents experimentation with drugs as a teen.  It would be interesting to do a study of the parents of children doing drugs and see what percentage used drugs as a teen themselves.  But the point is, we should avoid giving our children anything, including regular pharmaceuticals, because of the passing on of the need for those drugs to future generations.


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