No more doubting

I can answer that question posted yesterday.  Yes I am a man (woman).  Yes, I’m tired of being attacked by the government with supposedly all the power.  But God is more powerful.  My faith is in Him.  No more will I wonder what is going to happen.  My faith will carry me.  It was ridiculous to raid me in the first place.  In spite of their brainwashing, they are going to see the error of their ways.  God will do it.  Someone will step forward and say, “Why are we doing this to a good woman?”  And it will all be over and I can help people.  I don’t intend on going back to primary care, however.  I’m too old to build a practice especially when I won’t take insurance.  Even though there are a lot of poor people without medical care.  But if they are smart, they will use alternative medicine anyway, and I can then help them.  I will also do prolotherapy.  That actually stops the need for opiates because it fixes the cause of the pain.  With those two things, I can make the world a better place.  I can even do medical missions and help people overseas.  There are lots of things I’m going to do.  And I know God is going to see that I get them done.  So enough of the “poor pitiful me” mentality.  On with the I’m a winner” mentality.  And things will work out. 

I am having so much fun getting people and companies to line up helping me with my book launch.  In addition to being a good person, I’m going to be an Amazon best selling author.  Yippee!!  I should be able to retire on that and write more books.  Go on trips.  Tour the country.  Lots to see and do before I die.


  1. familieresepte

    You’ve already won!
    God’s blessings on all your ventures.

    Gerhard Venter

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