Doctor being sued by addicted patient

A patient in Huntington W VA is suing his former doctor, Anita Dawson, claiming she, 10 other unnamed doctors and 10 unnamed pharmacists are responsible for his addiction.  This is unbelievable, but understandable in the waive of blaming doctors for addiction simply because they prescribe opiates.  This is the result of the government’s policy of a medical cause of addiction: that exposure to opiates cause addiction and that there is something innate in the opiate that causes this.  The whole concept of a medical cause of addiction is wrong.  But because the government says so, the people believe.  When are the people going to stop falling for the lies the government dishes out?  The opiates do not cause addiction.  Addiction is caused by depressed living conditions, anxiety and toxicity.  If the government would understand the real cause and work to eliminate those three conditions, drug abuse would go down.  Instead, they attack good pain management physicians, put legitimate patients on the steet looking for pills of whatever strength they can get, causing addiction and death by overdose. 

After reading the article about the lawsuit, I looked up Dr. Dawson.  I found out she was a government target.  She has also lost her medical license indefinitely by voluntarily surrendering it.  She was probably looking at the big club the government holds over your head when they target you.  That is Medicare-Medicaid fraud.  Since any doctor can be charged with fraud and the government can usually throw enough at you that one charge will stick, they pretty much have us over a barrel.  You see, if found guilty of one charge of Medicare/Medicaid fraud, there is a mandatory 20 year prison sentence.  This is not alterable by judge or jury.  Most jury members are not aware of this, so they might find the doctor guilty of one out of 300 charges.  What they don’t realize is that one guilty verdict is the same as 300–20 years in prison.  That’s why you see most doctors charged with prescribing illegally will take a plea.  The plea is usually less than 20 years.  Even if they are innocent of the charge, the possibility of a 20 year mandatory sentence would make anyone take a plea.  Unless it’s a matter of principle and 20 years in prison doesn’t scare you.  Sometimes we have to stand up to evil.

I hope I will be able to help Dr. Dawson in her defense from this law suit.  I will try to offer my services.  We’ll see that happens.


  1. You don’t have to be found guilty to be destroyed by the government, An accusation is sufficient. The DEA attacks and attacks, totally ignores the law and just continues to attack, including holding a media circus – a “trial by media” really – that contaminates any possible jury while anyone with any real knowledge who tries to actually INFORM the public is forbidden because it WOULD “contaminate the jury”! And the DoJ has only one priority: WIN AT ALL COSTS! Even when they were caught blackmailing former patients to testify that the doctor was trading drugs for sex, the judge refused to review the verdict, nevermind set it aside or whatever the proper term is. As Siobhan Reynolds wrote: “To be accused is to be destroyed.”

    As for the 116 MILLION medically abused chronic pain patients in the U.S., they are sentenced to a slow death by torture. The Medical Standard of Care is ignored, “expert witnesses” who were grandfathered in when some medical “Society” organization – a doctor’s club in essence – decided to certify Pain Management doctors – and they know nothing about correct pain care. They’re usually the flat-earthers of the medical field: “I can’t imagine anyone writing a prescription like that! I’d NEVER give opiates to someone with chronic pain!”: And on and on – in direct contradiction to all the medical evidence. Even now the flat-earthers are trying hard to turn things around and say that opiates don’t REALLY help people with chronic pain (and nevermind the actual evidence, like far fewer suicides, more functionality, better health and so on). No, better to put them on SSRI’s, make them go through physical therapy and exercise! Give them benzos and sleeping pills until they forget to wake up some morning. So what if they insist that opiates “gave them their lives back”? They’re all addicts anyway, right?

    Why not just shoot them all and have done with it? I’m sure the DEA would jump on that in a heartbeat.


    • Yes, Ian, you know how it works. But I hope to change things. At least to get people to understand the evil in the Justice Dept. I see you are with PRN. If the organization still has believers, do you think any of you would come to my assistance at my trial? Siobhan’s work should not be ended. I intend to make this a public trial with lots of publicity before, during and after. I feel good that God has led me to do this important job. How about joining me. It doesn’t take much to change the world, just one dedicated person taking one step at at time.

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