Victory is temporary; Pain is Forever

Here is an article where at least one of the most important points people need to realize is addressed.  If people have ever had a bad pain, and then thought about what life would be like if they had pain like that forever, they would stop trying to eliminate pain management from the people that need it. 

Pain is the absolute worse condition a person could ever experience.  Chronic pain is, in my opinion, worse than cancer.  At least with cancer you know the pain will end.  When you have a chronic pain condition, you know the pain will never end.  When the government keeps coming in and shutting down the doctor that is treating you, your anxiety level increases.  Not only does that increase your pain, but it leads to drug addiction.

The point at which the horribleness of pain was brought home to me was one winter morning.  In SW Virginia we often have ice storms or freezing rain instead of snow.  We had ice and freezing rain all night one night so that when you woke up the world was like a skating rink.  In approximately 10 years, I had never missed a day at work because of the weather.  I always got there even though often I was the only one.  That morning I started down the driveway and found out I had no brakes on ice.  At the bottom of the driveway, the car continued to go straight as it slid over the ice, instead of turning on to the street.  I finally stopped when the wheels ran into the ditch across the road.  I decided there was no way I was going to get to the office with the roads a sheet of ice.  I waited until 10:00 to allow some melting and traction.  I still had difficulty traveling with a four-wheel drive vehicle.  When I got to the office there were 3 cars with patients waiting on me in the parking lot.  Their cars were two-wheel drive.  How they made it I’ll never know.  All I knew was that they were willing to take their lives in their hands in trying to get their pain medicine.  The idea of going without medicine and being in pain was enough of an incentive to take a chance.  Now heart disease and diabetes will kill you.  But I don’t think there is a patient in the world that would have taken that kind of a chance to fill their blood pressure medicine or insulin.  But pain is a driving force.

Is the Justice Department really that callous that they don’t care about what they are doing to people in pain?  You bet they are.  For more information on that, tune in to my trial which should start sometime this summer.


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