This Will Be America Some Day

In Nigeria people are lined up complaining about not getting their government pensions for years.  People are dying.  Our government wants the same thing to happen to our retirement age people.  As a physician that kept people healthy and well, saving the government hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, I was (and am) proud of what I did.  And what do I have to show for it from the government?  I’m a felon.  Beware, people of America.  The government doesn’t want you healthy and well. The government wants you sick and die young before the age of 65.  Eat that sugar, drink that caffeine.  Take that flu vaccine.  Destroy your immune system and develop chronic disease.  Use the heck out of the sickness care system that we have invented for the pocketbooks of the rich, and then DIE!!! 

We are not far off from this same situation the elderly in Nigeria are facing.  At what point will our government run out of money for our social security?  They are already planning on deciding who among us gets what medical services.  This bill got taken out once, but it will come back again and again.  Eventually our government will decide who among us lives and who dies.  And I can bet you it will be the moneyed and the powered that live while the 95% rest of the country will be killed off.  Legally, of course, but dead none the less. 

If you don’t want to be one of the ones that is disposable, work on your lifestyle.  Take responsibility for your health.  Use alternatives.  Stop going to doctors that are owned by hospitals.  They work for the money.  Go to independent physicians that work for you.  And above all, understand that when the government targets one of us in the real medical profession that are pledged to help people, it is because we are helping people life long healthy lives–not what the government wants.


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