Wrote a letter to Tomaziefski

I wrote a letter to Mr. Tomaziefski in May, 2009.  In it I told him what we were doing to ensure people had pain management, with the other doctor seeing and evaluating the patient, and I assisting her as a nurse practitioner would without prescription writing privilege.  I expressed my dissatisfation with his not getting me my DEA certificate.  Having found out about the pharmacy searches, I also openly admitted to mistakenly writing three prescriptions.  Two for the first two patients I saw on Feb 23, my first day back to work, and one for a drug, Lyrica, that I didn’t know was controlled.  The drug company agent had not told me it was, comparing it to neurontin which was not controlled. 

In my letter to Tomaziefski, I told him that if what we (the other doctor and I) were doing was wrong, it was his responsibility to tell us.  If he didn’t tell us, he was responsible.  He never told us anything.  I sent the same letter to the disciplinary person at the Virginia Board of Medicine.  They never replied to it either.  However, 1 year later, in June of 201o, the government raided me again, with the charges of breaking the law because of the arrangement I had with the other physician. 

The other physician and I both read the code, saw that we were following all the rules.  Since she was the one doing the evaluations and prescribing the medications, she felt like she was doing everything right and continued.  She continued through October, 2010 when her lawyer recommended to her to relinquish her DEA certificate in an “act of good faith” to take the heat off her.  So in one day, around 300 legitimate patients were again without pain management, searching for a doctor when none would take them.  You see, we specialized in taking care of the patients not accepted by most practices–the uninsured, Medicare and Medicaid patients.  For Medicaid patients living in SW Virginia to receive pain management, they are referred by most practices to UVA in Charlottesville, a 4 hour drive by Medicaid cab (your tax dollars at work). 

Over the course of the next 6 months, God provided for most of the patients by sending us two other God-fearing physicians that helped.  However, the government wasn’t going to allow that to happen.


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