Round 2 begins

You know the saying, “You can’t fight city hall.”  What that means is that the government has all the power.  They have all the money.  What people like me find out is once you are a target, even if you haven’t done anything intentionally wrong, they’ve got you.  You have to give in or be squashed like a bug.  It’s a shame our government isn’t composed of statesmen like the founding fathers.  People with morals, people with integrity.  Instead today, we have people who are in it for the money, the prestige, and they don’t mind who they step on.  In the case of the US Attorney’s office, they don’t mind whose lives they ruin.  They want to protect their jobs.  Especially here in SW Virginia where people have been hired to positions just for the purpose of attacking doctors.  The money they got from the lawsuit with Purdue Pharma is earmarked for that purpose.  I happen to be one of the doctors in their crosshairs.  But I won’t go down without a fight.  Someone has to stand up for what is right and Godly.  Destroying people’s lives like they are doing is wrong.  God picked me for this purpose.  They have taken away everything from me–my retirement, my lifelihood, my respect.  There is nothing left that they can take away that means anything.  That is why I am the perfect person to fight them.  Even though I know, having been through this before, that I will probably go down.  At least I will go down fighting.  And this time the people will know the truth.  Because I’m going to tell you.  Through this blog I will be completely open as to what is going on.  If you read this, tell your friends.  Get the word out.  Make this blog be one that everybody reads.  By doing so you will find out how evil our government is and hopefully you will clean house and start over.  First, however, we must identify the statesmen.  The good people.  People that will run this country of the people, by the people and for the people.

My story (the second time around) started in 2009.  My license had been reinstated by the Virginia Board of Medicine after losing it from the first attack against me in which I accepted a plea agreement. I thought the government had gotten off easy on that one and would leave me alone, having found nothing wrong with my patient care or my pain management.  I was awaiting the recertification by the DEA.  However, Mr. Steven Tomaziefski, the local DEA agent, in cahoots with the US Attorney’s office, had another plan.  While awaiting my DEA certificate, another physician continued to see the patients and prescribe their medications.  Since my previous patients had been unable to find a physician willing to see them and they were in dire straights with pain, they started to come back to us.  If I wanted to take care of them again, I had the other doctor see them until I could take over.  After 3 months of waiting for my DEA certificate, I found out that Mr. Tomaziefski, along with a DHHS agent was traveling all over SW Virginia visiting pharmacies investigating prescriptions supposedly signed by me.  What they found out was that most were mistakes by the pharmacies.  But I still didn’t get my DEA certificate.   (To Be Continued)


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