Questions about the government’s latest attack (cont prev posts)

I have the following questions about the government attacking me this last time.

1.  If I broke the law in 2009 with the first accidental prescription I wrote to my second patient of the day, why did they wait 3 years to charge me?  After all, I was on probation with the stipulation that I not break the law.  That should be an easy one.  If I broke a law as they say, and the Board suspending my license for saying my explanation of a “mistake” was “not credible”, why didn’t they just march into my office and arrest me?  Why have they wasted 3 years of time and tax payers dollars with an “investigation”?

2.  Why didn’t Steven Tomaziefski inform me when I asked him about it in 2009?

3.  Why didn’t the Board of Medicine answer the questions I posed to them?

4.  Why am I the one responsible for the rules the other doctor laid down for how she would evaluate patients?

5.  Why did the other doctor get excused by the Board of Medicine while I received their wrath?

6.  Why did they have to drag the bottom of the US Code to come up with something they could say is the law we broke?  They charged us with running a “deceptive practice”?

The answer to all of these questions is this.  For 3 years of running my practice before the first attack, I demonstrated to the US government my ability to heal people, keeping the disabled and elderly alive and vital with the seven steps to healing.  People stopped using medicines, stopped going to the hospital, and stopped having diseases.  The government couldn’t stand it.  You see, the government doesn’t want us healthy and well.  They want us dependent on the Pharmaceutical Industry because of the $$$, using the hospitals for tests and surgeries because of the $$$, and going to regular conventional doctors because of the $$$ and that by doing so, people will die younger. 

I offered to the government an option to Obamacare.  I could take care of patients for $1000-$1500 per year.  They wouldn’t need expensive tests or medicines.  With remedies and the seven steps to healing, my patients would be healthier at the end of a year than any group of patients followed by any conventional doctor.  People could buy an HSA account for catastrophic coverage instead of the expensive insurance they have to buy now.  I never heard from the government.  Instead they try to shut me up with another fabicated charge of breaking some fabricated law.  Well, they can stop me from practicing, but they can’t stop me from teaching or communicating good health, can they?  Especially with your help–the people who read this, spread the word, and support the work of those of us in medicine that actually follow the hippocratic oath.



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