Government intimidation

(Continuation of previous 2 blogs)

The first doctor to help saw the patients in his own office, accepting them to his own practice.  He helped for two months.  Then Tomaziefski showed up one day in his office.  With intimidation and “We’re watching you”, that doctor decided he couldn’t take it, and stopped seeing the patients.  The second doctor was hired locum tenens.  The government stopped his being able to help by serving him with a subpoena to the Grand Jury.  So by June, 2011, 200 of the remaining patients were without a doctor again.  Meanwhile, 7 had died.  One wrote a suicide note not being able to tolerate the pain. The others shouldn’t have died.  Their deaths were probably related to not having their pain treated. But does the government care?  No.  The Virginia Board of Medicine set up action based on the charges that the DEA made.  The decision was made even before the 8 hours of testimony.  In spite of testimony from the patients who accidentally received prescriptions, the Board stated in their decision that my saying the writing of three prescriptions accidentally in 1 1/2 years was “not credible”.  They suspended my license for a year and charged me with breaking a US Code. 

I asked the US Attorney to meet with me when I was acting pro se.  They showed their true colors during that meeting.  I pointed out to Jenny Waering, the US Attorney brought to SW Virginia to attack doctors, that I had written a letter to Tomaziefski explaining what we were doing and that it was his responsibility to tell me if it wasn’t okay.  Her reply shows what the US Attorney’s office is all about.  She said “We’re not obligated to tell you when your’re breaking the law.”  I knew, at that point, that they were going to use whatever they could, even if they had to fabricate it, to put me in prison.  That’s how desperate they are to prevent people from staying healthy in this country.

It has been 8 months since my license was suspended and one year ten months since the raid on my office.  The US Attorney has had multiple people tesify to the grand jury, but to my knowledge there has been no indictment.  I won’t describe the people they’ve gotten to testify, because the government is probably reading this blog and I wouldn’t want them to know what I know.  But it just goes to show how low our government goes to achieve their ends.

Finally, they have asked to meet with me and my lawyer.  Not having an income or savings, I am relying on the public defender’s office.  But I know that with God’s help, they will do what is needed.  We are meeting with the US Attorney next Thursday.  Hopefully we will soon have the trial underway.  You see, I want to go to trial.  The evil in the US government has to be shown to the world.  God is displeased with what this country has done with all of His blessings.  If I can be used to His purpose, I will be happy.  People need to be treated with more respect.  Shutting down legitimate doctors treating legitimate patients with legitimate pain has got to stop.  The articles you read about doctors found guilty of “prescribing without justifiable medical purpose” or “illegally prescribing narcotics” is a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo that means absolutely nothing.  People need to realize that and stop believing all the lies fed to us by authorities that are working to simply save their own jobs with no regard to people’s lives.

Stay tuned and I will let you know what the government says next week.


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