Does Leaky Gut Exist?

A great article written by Alexander Rinehart, DC, CCN is at :

Leaky gut is a phenomenon caused by modern living.  With the introduction of antibiotics, normal gut flora that keep the gut lining healthy have been destroyed in most of the population.  So toxins and particles that would normally remain in the gut and be eliminated are now being absorbed.  This leads to chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, cancers, arthritis, etc.  Just as with fibromyalgia, since the cause is not something conventional doctors understand–toxicity–they write it off as “in your head”, “doesn’t exist”.  But the population knows better. 

In my opinion, (and this is purely my opinion) conventional doctors today are no better than the blood letters of their ancestry allopaths.  They continue to do things that have proven to not be beneficial, and ignore that which works simply because of status quo.  If you are interested in truly healing from disease, look to doctors that do alternatives.  You can get started on a program even without doctor consult on my web site,

As for leaky gut, the main solution is HMF.  That is human form bacteria that repopulates the gut and heals the barrier in the intestines to toxin absorption.  HMF can be found on my web site.

Thank you, Dr. Rinehart, for your terrific article.


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