Approval of Homeopathy by Swiss Government

In this article, the swiss government approves and pays for the use of homeopathy for its citizens.  The article has some interesting points.  A lot of the information out there that is negative about homeopathy is staged by people  that don’t want homeopathy recognized.  Studies are done with the express goal of showing homeopathy to not be effective.  When studies are done that are truthful and honest, homeopathy is effective.  The article also speaks to the ineffectiveness of “evidence based” medicine.  If we used evidence based medicine and controlled studies on surgeries, many would be found to be ineffective.  But we still do them.

Homeopathy is a well-tested science, done so by Hahnemann himself through testings.  The problem with using homeopathy today is that society is so toxic.  One remedy or similimum will usually not be enough.  But if you use several remedies, different potencies, remarkable results can occur.  Rescue remedies that you find at your usual health food store might help something acute, but for long-standing problems, you need the guidence of a trained homeopath. 

My training in homepathy was from Dr. Gerard Guinot, a French MD and natural practitioner practicing out of Belgium.  He was a master at his practice, and passed that knowledge on.  I look forward to doing it again, hopefully by mid-summer.  Homeopathy is cheap, quick, effective and permanent.  Something not many allopathic treatments can boast of.


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