Sticks and stones

Well, today I spent time reading newspaper articles about pain subjects and putting in my two cents worth.  In one article I pointed out to the author that he was propagating wrong information about drug abuse.  This was about Dr. McKay, a doctor convicted and sentenced to 20 years when even the judge thought the sentence was unfair.  Someone responded to my comments with one line:  “You are a disgrace to the profession.”  I’m not sure what made her say that based on my comment.  I asked, and didn’t hear back.  I assume she is one of the uninformed public that wants to blame doctors for drug abuse.  Oh well, maybe I’ve given her some food for thought.  Sometimes you have to make people angry to get them off their butt.

I’ve had 49 people look at my website in 2 days.  That’s good, but I haven’t heard anything from anybody.  Change in thinking takes time.  Hopefully they will spread the word.  Like the woman above, even people who see things differently need to have their opinions challenged.  I’m always open to a good debate.  Any takers?


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