Website is live

Three weeks ago I planned on having my book published by my 63rd birthday.  Well, that’s tomorrow.  I finished my website and made it go live tonight.  See it at  My store can be reached through the website, or directly through  All ebook formats of my book can be downloaded directly from my website.  The paper version is not yet available.  I am going through the proofing steps at Amazon.  I hope to have it ready to ship by next week.  Don’t let that stop you from ordering it, however.  Just know it might be a week before it goes out.

I’ve sold my first copy of the book.  Yippee!! Pass the word to your friends.  Heck! Don’t stop there!  Send it to everyone on your email list.



  1. Thank you for following. I hope I can contribute to your knowledge about pain and persecution of pain patients and doctors as well as alternatives.

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