Newt Gingrich and Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Newt Gingrich has made the comment that  “The duty of the president is to find a way to manage the federal government so the primary pain is on changing the bureaucracy. On theft alone, we could save $100 billion a year in Medicaid and Medicare if the federal government were competent. That’s a trillion dollars over 10 years. And the only people in pain would be crooks.”
However, the charge of Medicare/Medicaid fraud has basically been an open door policy into any doctor’s office which they have used mostly on doctors that treat pain.  In general, once a doctor has been charged with Medicare/Medicaid fraud, it is hard to fight.  And if the doctor chooses to fight it, goes to court, and even gets found guilty of only one charge but innocent of 299, there is still a mandatory 20 year prison sentence.  Instead of using this law to make money off good doctors, doctors (especially independents) need to be protected from this outlandish “illegal” use of a law by the Justice Department.

As a felon for Medicare/Medicaid fraud myself, because of $65 overpayment for nurse practitioner billing, and a wonderful program that I developed that actually saved the government millions of dollars, I can speak first hand about the evil of how the government uses this law. 

I showed the government a plan that I developed that is a real “health” care plan, and was laughed at.  They asked “How would the insurance companies make money?”  I still propose my plan.  Pay me $1000 per year per patient and I will keep them healthy without unnecessary tests/bloodwork, etc.  If more independent physicians considered this type of agreement and simply dropped out of Medicare and Medicaid, we could take away the club the government is using to stop pain management.


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