Poem by Robert Root

I saw this poem on American Pain Foundation.  I hope Mr. Root doesn’ mind if I share it.  The contest was ” If I Lived in a World With Less Pain, I Could…”

Poetry Submission from Robert Root

If I were free we could meet for tea
at three and for more at four.
If I were free you would never see
me in my bedroom, I’d be out the door.
You’d find me in a park or dancing in the dark
From the top of a hill I’d pay all my bills

If I were free I’d make it up to you
for all the times I made you blue,
for the way I depend on you,
for the way you see me through.
We’d take the dog for a walk,
we’d laugh, we’d giggle, and we’d talk
and then I would cook for you,
it’s only fair for what you do.

I’d call all my friends and see them once again,
I’d catch a fish and let him go,
I’d climb a tree and scare a crow.
Without my ills I’d ditch my pills.
I’d write a song if my pain was gone.
I’d dream a dream if I were free,
that all of you, would be just like me.


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